Members are now able to check out books and DVDs from the library in the elders’ meeting room. This lists all items by category, and is searchable by title, author, and keyword. Please let Darla know if you’d like to check out any of these resources.

A Study Course in Christian EvidencesThompsonApologetics1992B4
A Study of the Biblical FloodFoxApologetics2000B4
Alleged Bible Contradictions ExplainedDeHoffApologetics1982B4
Alleged Discrepancies of the BibleHaleyApologetics1951B4
Amazing Story of CreationGishApologetics1990B4
Archaeology and the New TestamentUngerApologetics1962B4
Archaeology and the BibleLewisApologetics1975B4
Ark on AraratLaHayeApologetics1976B4
Be Sure! A Study in Christian EvidencesBromlingApologeticsB4
Bible & the Age of the EarthThompsonApologetics1999B4
Bible and ArchaeologyThompsonApologetics1982B4
Bible and ScienceJacksonApologetics2000B4
Bible vs. Modernism: A Compendium of Sundry Critical Hypotheses and Their RefutationTriceApologetics1935B4
Biblical CriticismMcGarveyApologetics1956B4
Biblical Criticism: Historical, Literary and TextualHarrisonApologetics1979B4
Biblical EducatorPoolApologetics1909B4
Biblical Flood & the Ice EpochPattenApologetics1967B4
Biblical InterpretationKearleyApologetics1986B4
Biblical Studies in the Light of ArchaelogyJacksonApologetics1982B4
Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for ChristianityHarrubApologetics2021B5
Creation CompromisesThompsonApologetics1995B5
Creation: Facts of LifeParkerApologetics2006B5
Deacons: Male and Female?SandiferApologetics1989B5
Dinosaur DelusionLyonsApologetics2008"dismantling evolution's most cherished icon"B5
Dinosaurs by Design GishApologetics2000B5
Discovery, bound vols. 1992 - 1993, 2009Apol. PressApologeticsscience magazine for kidsB5
Encyclopedia of Bible DifficultiesArcherApologetics1982B5
Essays in Apologetics, Vol. 4Apol. PressApologeticsB5
Essays in Apologetics, Vol. 5Apol. PressApologeticsB5
Evidence of God in An Expanding UniverseMonsmaApologetics1958B5
Evidence That Demands a VerdictMcDowellApologetics1972B5
Evidences of ChristianityMcGarveyApologetics1974B5
Flood: In the Light of the Bible, Geology, and ArchaeologyRehwinkelApologetics1951B5
Footprints in the AshMorrisApologetics2021what Mt. St. Helens tells us about the age of the earthB5
Genesis FloodWhitcombApologetics1969B5
Global Flood of NoahThompsonApologetics1999B5
Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! HamApologetics2000B5
Human LifeNelsonApologetics1984B5
I Believe Because…BaxterApologetics1976B5
In Defense of the Bible's InspirationThompsonApologetics1999B5
Introducing the Church of ChristWaddeyApologetics1981B5
Is Genesis Myth?ThompsonApologetics1986B5
Joshua's Altar: The Dig at Mt. EbalMachlinApologetics1991B6
Many Faces, and Causes, of UnbeliefThompsonApologetics1999B6
Many Infallible ProofsMorrisApologetics1988B6
Mere ChristianityLewisApologetics1970B6
More Evidence That Demands a VerdictMcDowellApologetics1981B6
My Sovereign, My Sin, My SalvationThompsonApologetics1999B6
New Evidence That Demands a VerdictMcDowellApologetics1999B6
New HermeneuticMillerApologetics1990B6
New Testament DocumentsBruceApologetics1978B6
No Other Gods: On Science and American Social ThoughtRosenbergApologetics1976B6
Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable?CummingsApologetics1972B6
Origin, Nature, & Destiny of the SoulThompsonApologetics1999B6
Paley's Evidence of ChristianityWhatelyApologetics1952B6
Proofs of GodEllApologetics2020B6
Quest for Noah's ArkMontgomeryApologetics1972B6
Reason & Revelation, bound volumes 1991 - 1994, 2009Apol. PressApologeticsB7
Rock Solid Faith, Vol. 1ThompsonApologetics2000how to build your faithB7
Satan---His Origin & MissionThompsonApologetics1999B7
Science in the BibleMortonApologetics1978B7
Scientific Case for CreationThompsonApologetics2002B7
Surveying the EvidenceJacksonApologetics2008evidence for God and Creation that refutes atheism & evolutionB7
The Anvil Rings, Vol. 2LyonsApologetics2005"answers to alleged Bible discrepancies"B7
The Case For a CreatorStrobelApologetics2004"a journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God"B7
The Church in the BibleDeWeltApologetics1958B7
Theistic EvolutionThompsonApologetics1977B7
Therefore Stand: Christian ApologeticsSmithApologetics1959B7
Thy Word Is TruthYoungApologetics1967B7
Voices from the Silent CenturiesRimmerApologetics1935legitimacy of Bible translation B7
Waters Above: Earth's Pre-Flood Vapor CanopyDillowApologetics1982B7
Why Believe the BibleMacArthurApologetics1980B7
Why I Am a Member of the Church of ChristBrownlowApologeticsB7
Why the Bible is Number 1BarfieldApologetics1988B7
Why We Believe the BibleDeHoffApologetics1944B7
World That Perished: An Introduction to Biblical CatastrophismBakerApologeticsB7
A Message From the BibleSweetenAudio CDecumenicalismB2
Always and ForeverFocus PressAudio CD2008marriageB2
America's Foundation of FaithFocus PressAudio CD2007B2
Creation Declares God's GreatnessApol. PressAudio CDB2
God and the Laws of ThermodynamicsA. PressAudio CDB2
One (4-sermon gospel meeting)McDadeAudio CD2010"One", "Grace of God", "Right From Wrong", "What's In a Name?"B3
Predicted MessiahApol. PressAudio CDB3
Proof For God and the Christian FaithGSCOCAudio CDB3
What America NeedsA. PressAudio CDB3
3 Years of the Gospel Preacher, Vol. 1LanierBible Study1992preaching magazineC3
3 Years of the Gospel Preacher, Vol. 1LanierBible Study1992preaching magazineC3
3 Years of the Gospel Preacher, Vol. 2LanierBible Study1995preaching magazineC3
50 Years, Are You Listening? A Book of 78 Radio SermonsHowardBible Study1984C3
A Dozen Gospel SermonsRamseyBible Study1981C3
A General Introduction to the BibleGeislerBible Study1968C3
A Little ContributionLanierBible Study1990givingC3
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23KellerBible Study1997C3
A Study Guide to Greater Bible KnowledgeJacksonBible Study2003C3
A Study Guide to Greater Bible KnowledgeJacksonBible Study2003C3
AbrahamWallaceBible Study1981C3
Abundant LivingLemmonsBible StudyC3
All the Apostles of the BibleLockyerBible Study1972C3
All the Men of the BibleLockyerBible Study1988C3
All the Men of the BibleLockyerBible Study1988C3
All the Miracles of the BibleLockyerBible Study1961C3
All the Parables of the BibleLockyerBible Study1988C3
All the Parables of the BibleLockyerBible Study1988C3
All the Prayers of the BibleLockyerBible Study1970C3
As Touching Those Who Were Once EnlightenedBrewerBible Studyaddresses Hebrews 6:4 C3
Attitudes: The Heart of God's ChildWinklerBible Study2003C3
Attributes of GodPinkBible Study1975C3
Back to Bible PreachingRamseyBible Study1971C4
Background Bible StudyJacksonBible Study2000Bible historical cultureC4
Baptism in the New TestamentBeasleyBible Study1972C4
Basis of Christian FaithHamiltonBible Study1964C4
Beautiful Bible StoriesMartinBible Study1964C4
Beautiful Bible Stories for Little Eyes and EarsPalmerBible Study1971C4
Beginning of Our ConfidencePharrBible Study2000C4
Believing Bible StudyHillsBible StudyC4
Between The Rock and a Hard Place: Adventuring Into the Life of Jesus of NazarethWoodroofBible Study1993C4
Between the TestamentsPfeifferBible Study1959C4
Beyond Baptism: The First Steps Toward HeavenRhodesBible Study2012C4
Beyond the SunsetCothamBible Study2008"immortality, heaven, hell, realm of the dead, judgment, resurrection, and many other aspects of afterlife"C4
Bible as Romance, Adventure and Ghost StoriesNeveBible Study1992C4
Bible Doctrine of Final ThingsTaylorBible Study1977C4
Bible Doctrine of Final ThingsTaylorBible Study1993C4
Bible vs. CommunismBrownlowBible Study1961C4
Bible vs. CommunismBrownlowBible Study1961C4
Biblical EldershipStrauchBible Study1995C4
Biblical HermeneuticsTerryBible Study1976interpretation of the Old and New TestamentsC4
Books and the ParchmentsBruceBible Study1963about Bible translation and the "lost books" of the BibleC4
Brewer's SermonsBrewerBible Study1928C4
Case of CorneliusBalesBible Study1964C4
Case of CorneliusBalesBible Study1964C4
Challenge of Old Testament Women 2BuswellBible Study1987C4
Christ: The Fulfillment of the Law and the ProphetsBalesBible Study1973C4
Christians Only---and the Only ChristiansWarrenBible Study1984C4
Church of ChristWhartonBible Study1970C4
ConversionCothamBible Study1976C5
ConversionCothamBible Study1976C5
Conversions in ActsOvertonBible Study1981C5
Counterfeit or Genuine: Mark 16? John 8?FullerBible Study1997defending the Majority Text and the Textus ReceptusC5
Cover to Cover: Bible Questions AnsweredRamseyBible Study1981C5
Creative Bible Study MethodsBaughmanBible Study1976C5
Creative Bible TeachingRichardsBible Study1998C5
Cross of ChristStottBible Study2006C5
Daughters of EveHobbsBible Study1963"strength for today…from women of yesterday"C5
Days of His Flesh: The Earthly Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus ChristSmithBible Study1976C5
Divorce & RemarriageJacksonBible Study1990C5
Doctrine of Christ and Unity of the SaintsHalbrookBible Study1977C5
Doctrine of GodFarleyBible Study1983characteristics of GodC5
Doctrine of The GodheadTurnerBible Study2017C5
Drama of RedemptionFallisBible Study2013C5
Elam's Notes on Bible School LessonsElamBible Study1923C5
Elders Which Are Among YouDuncanBible Study1989C5
Endangered Heritage: An Examination of Church of Christ DoctrineYanceyBible Study1987C5
Eternal Kingdom: A History of the Church of ChristMattoxBible Study1961C5
Everybody Can Know: Family Devotions From the Gospel of LukeSchaefferBible Study1973C5
Exploring GenesisPhillipsBible Study1980C5
Firm Foundation, 1955Bible Study1955gospel magazineA2
Firm Foundation, 1956Bible Study1956gospel magazineA2
Firm Foundation, 1957Bible Study1957gospel magazineA2
Firm Foundation, 1958Bible Study1958gospel magazineA2
Firm Foundation, 1960Bible Study1960gospel magazineA2
Firm Foundation, 1963Bible Study1963gospel magazineA2
Five Minutes With the MasterSmithBible Study1956C5
Fortify Your FaithJacksBible Study1974C5
FundamentalsConnallyBible Study1969basic principles of the Bible and ChristianityC5
General Biblical IntroductionMillerBible Study1960C6
Giving Our Way to ProsperityBlackBible Study1968C6
Giving: God's WayMacArthurBible Study1981C6
God Demands Doctrinal PreachingWarrenBible Study1978C6
God Demands Doctrinal PreachingWarrenBible Study1978C6
Good News About Predestination!FrederickBible Study2011C6
Gospel for TodayWallaceBible Study1967C6
Gospel Plan of SalvationBrentsBible Study1977C6
Gospel Plan of SalvationBrentsBible Study1977C6
Gospel Plan of SalvationBrentsBible Study1977C6
Gospel Plan of SalvationBrentsBible Study1977C6
Gospel RestoredScottBible Study1836the Restoration MovementC6
GraceThomasBible Study1977C6
Great Bible Characters: New Testament, No. 2DeHoffBible Study1981C6
Great Biblical DoctrinesChalkBible StudyC6
Great Sermons, 1967SweetBible Study1967C6
Greatest Questions in the New Testament BrownlowBible Study1961C6
Greatest Questions in the New Testament BrownlowBible Study1961C6
Hermeneutical AgnosticismAppleBible Study1985Bible interpretationC7
HermeneuticsDunganBible Study1961Bible interpretationC7
HermeneuticsVirklerBible Study1981Bible interpretationC7
Holy SpiritHowardBible Study1975C7
Holy SpiritPuckettBible Study1983C7
Holy Spirit and The ChristianBalesBible Study1966C7
Holy Spirit: His Personality, Nature, WorksBolesBible Study1999C7
Holy Spirit: His Personality, Nature, WorksBolesBible Study1999C7
Holy Spirit: His Personality, Nature, WorksBolesBible Study1999C7
How To Study the BibleRhodesBible Study2016C7
How to Study the New Testament EffectivelyWoodsBible Study2002C7
How to Study the New Testament EffectivelyWoodsBible Study2002C7
How to Understand the Bible PalmerBible Study1965C7
Humility: The Beauty of HolinessMurrayBible Study1980C7
Hurlbut's Story of the BibleHurlbutBible Study1957C7
Hurlbut's Story of the Bible For Young and OldHurlbutBible Study1947C7
I Have BelievedSayersBible Study1957C7
I Just Want to Be a ChristianShellyBible Study1984C7
Instrumental Music in the WorshipKurfeesBible Study1969C7
Introduction to Bible StudyPainterBible Study1911C7
Introduction to the Intertestamental PeriodSurburgBible Study1975C7
Introduction to the Old TestamentHarrisBible Study1982C7
Jesus and JonahMcGarveyBible Study1952D1
Jesus Spreads His GospelMitchellBible Study1961D1
Joshua, Leader Under FireCampbellBible Study1978D1
Kingdom of Promise and ProphecyWhitesideBible Study1956D1
Kingdom Prophesied and EstablishedBalesBible Study1957D1
Knowing GodPackerBible Study1973D1
Last Twelve Verses of MarkBurgonBible Study1959D1
Lectures on the Church of GodClineBible Study
Lectures on the Holy SpiritCothamBible Study1981D1
Lessons From the ParablesLightfootBible Study1965D1
Life of JesusHaseBible Study1958D1
Life Principles From the Women of the BibleBarberBible Study2007D1
Like a Thief in the Night: What You Should Know About "The Last Days"NorthBible Study200413 lessons, can be used for a Bible school quarterD1
Living IssuesHarperBible Studythe sermons of E. R. HarperD1
Lord's Supper, Prayers, Thanksgivings NicholBible Study1957D1
Man's Salvation by God's Grace GroomBible StudyD1
Marks of a Healthy ChurchMacArthurBible Study1990D2
Marriage, Divorce and RemarriageBorenBible StudyD2
Martha, Martha!GreenBible Study1964D2
Mary and MarthaHobbsBible Study1966D2
McGarvey's SermonsMcGarveyBible Study1975D2
Miller's SermonsMillerBible Study1940D2
Minor ProphetsMorganBible Study1960D2
Mission of the Local ChurchWinklerBible Study1971D2
Moral Issues Confronting the KingdomEavesBible Study1978D2
Mothers and Daughters of the BibleBreamBible Study2022"lessons on faith from nine Biblical Families"D2
New Testament Christianity, Vol.1SweeneyBible Study1957D2
New Testament Christianity, Vol. IISweeneyBible Study1957D2
New Testament Christianity, Vol. IIISweeneyBible Study1957D2
New Testament ChurchCogdillBible StudyD2
New Testament Doctrine of the ChurchTurnerBible Study1951D2
New Testament SimplifiedWhitacreBible Study2000D2
New Testament Survey, Pt. 1WinterBible Study1967D2
Not Under BondageBalesBible Study1979divorce and remarriage D2
Notes on the Miracles of Our LordTrenchBible Study1949D2
Notes on the Parables of Our LordTrenchBible Study1977D2
Old Testament and the ArchaeologistLanceBible Study1981D2
Old Testament SimplifiedWhitacreBible Study1999D2
Old Testament SpeaksSchultzBible Study1990D3
One Book, Analyzed & OutlinedWallaceBible Study1987D3
Our Loving God-- A Sun and ShieldWarrenBible Study1963D3
Out of This WorldHobbsBible Study196513 general topics with workbook questions, for a Bible school quarterD3
Parables of Our SaviourDavisBible Study1983D3
Paths to PeaceBarnettBible Study1969D3
Pentecost and AfterDeHaanBible StudyD3
Peter, Stephen, James and JohnBruceBible Study1979D3
Plain Bible Preaching, Vol. 3SpringBible Study1978D3
Power to Be: The Life-Style of Jesus From Mark's GospelOlbrichtBible Study1979D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 1RamseyBible Study1986D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 2RamseyBible Study1986D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 3RamseyBible Study1986D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 3RamseyBible Study1986D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 4RamseyBible Study1986D3
Practical Bible Studies, Vol. 4RamseyBible Study1986D3
PrayerTolleBible Study1963D3
Prayers of PaulOwensBible Study1965D3
Principles of Old Testament Prophecy JacksonBible Study2010D3
Prophet JonahMartinBible Study1979D3
Questions Answered by Lipscomb & SewellKurfeesBible Study1921D3
Questions Answered by Lipscomb & SewellKurfeesBible Study1921D3
Reason and RevelationMilliganBible Study1868D4
Richland Hills and Instrumental MusicMillerBible Studyappeals to the Richland Hills "church of Christ" to renounce instrumental musicB7
Scripture UnbrokenKuyperBible Study1978D4
Searching for TruthMooreBible Study2007creation, authority, the church, baptismD4
Searching for TruthMooreBible Study2007creation, authority, the church, baptismD4
Seed For the SowerBrownlowBible Study1948D4
Sermon on the Mount and the Civil StateWallaceBible Study1967interaction of Christians and the civil governmentD4
Sermons by HoganHoganBible Study1940D4
Seven Churches of Asia MinorMarlinBible Study1980D4
Seven Laws of TeachingGregoryBible Study1964D4
Shadows of Good Things to ComeRhodesBible Study2007"a devotional survey of the Pentateuch"D4
Simplified Bible Lessons on the Old and New TestamentsShowalterBible Study1944D4
So Great SalvationStrombeckBible Study1952D4
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 1NicholBible Study1920D5
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 1Bible StudyD5
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 2NicholBible Study1920D5
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 3NicholBible Study1920D5
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 4NicholBible Study1920D5
Sound Doctrine, Vol. 5NicholBible Study1920D5
Sovereignty of GodPinkBible Study1984D5
Speaking in TonguesMacArthurBible Study1988D5
Story of JesusStalkerBible Study1976D5
Survey Course in Christian Doctrine (Vols. I-II)CrawfordBible Study1962D5
Survey Course in Christian Doctrine (Vols. III-IV)CrawfordBible Study1962D5
Take a Little Honey With YouSmithBible Study1972sermons of Foy E. Wallace D5
Tell Me the Story of JesusWinklerBible Study2003D5
TempleEdersheimBible Study1978D5
That We May Share His HolinessSouthBible Study1997D5
The Church in the BibleDeWeltBible StudyD5
The Holy ScripturesWinklerBible Study1979D5
The Work of the Holy Spirit in RedemptionCampbellBible Study1972D5
The World is YoursSmithBible Study1959sermons of Foy E. Smith D5
Timeless TrinityLanierBible Study1874D5
TonguesPackBible Study1972D5
Traditions of Men Versus the Word of GodJenningsBible Study1973D5
Truth Shall Make You FreeWatchtowerBible Study1943D5
Victory Through AssuranceMyersBible Study1978D6
Voice of the Pioneers on Instrumental Music and SocietiesLewisBible Study1932D6
Was Jesus the Lil' Ole' Winemaker?WesleyBible Study1983D6
We Be BrethrenThomasBible Study1964issues that have historically divided the ChurchD6
What is the Church of Christ?HowardBible Study1971D6
What Shall We Do With the Bible?ShellyBible Study1975D6
What the Bible Says About Faith and OpinionPalmerBible Study1980D6
What the Bible Says About GracePileBible Study1990D6
What the Bible Says About MoneyFitchBible Study1987D6
When Do Teachers Teach?CampbellBible Study1933D6
When is an "Example" Binding?WarrenBible Study1975D6
Whole Duty of ManJohnsonBible Study1974Christians and racismD6
Who's Who in the BibleMeadBible Study1934D6
Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ BrownlowBible StudyD6
Why We Believe the BibleDeHoffBible Study1944D6
Women of the Bible SpeakBreamBible Study2021"the wisdom of 16 women and their lessons for today"D6
Wonder Book of the BibleTomlinsonBible Study1963about the book of RevelationD6
Workbook on the Life of PaulDeHoffBible Study1953D6
You Can Understand the Bible! Vol. IWarrenBible Study1994D6
You Can Understand the Bible! Vol. IIWarrenBible Study1994D6
You Can Understand the Bible! Vol. IIIWarrenBible Study1994D6
A Harmony of the GospelsBibles1950the 4 Gospels compared, side-by-side C1
A Harmony of the GospelsBibles1950the 4 Gospels compared, side-by-side C1
Chronological Study Bible (NKJV)NelsonBibles2008C1
Fourfold Gospel: A Harmony of the Four GospelsMcGarveyBibles2017comparison of the 4 Gospels, side-by-sideC1
Fourfold Gospel: A Harmony of the Four GospelsMcGarveyBibles2017comparison of the 4 Gospels, side-by-sideC1
Holy Bible, KJVBiblesC1
Holy Bible, RSVBiblesC1
Holy Bible, RSVBiblesC1
Holy Bible, NIVBibles C1
Holy Bible, NIVBibles C1
Holy Bible, NKJVBibles C1
Holy Bible, NKJVBiblesC1
Holy Bible, NKJVBibles C1
Holy Bible, NKJVBibles C1
Holy Bible, NKJVBibles C1
Holy Bibles (binder): KJV, NASB, New English Bible, Jerusalem BibleBiblesC2
Living Bible, ParaphrasedBibles1971C1
Nave's Topical Bible: A Digest of the Holy ScripturesNaveBibles1962C2
New English Bible, New TestamentBibles1961C2
New English Bible, New TestamentBibles1961C2
New King James BibleBiblesC2
New Testament, KJVBiblesC2
New Testament From 26 TranslationsBiblesC2
New World Translation of the Holy ScriptureJehovah's WitnessesBibles1984C2
People's New Testament With Notes (Vol. 1)JohnsonBibles1959C2
People's New Testament With Notes (Vol. 2)JohnsonBibles1959C2
The BookBiblesC2
Thompson Chain-Reference BibleBiblesC2
Young Readers Bible (RSV)Bibles1965C2
Zondervan Topical BibleBibles1969C2
2 CorinthiansWilsonCommentaries1979F6
A Commentary on Paul's First Epistle to the CorinthiansWillisCommentaries1979F6
A Commentary on the New Testament Epistles, Vol. VII: Peter, John and JudeWoodsCommentaries1991G1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. I: Genesis - DeuteronomyHenryCommentariesF1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 2: Joshua to EstherHenryCommentariesF1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 3: Job to Song of SolomonHenryCommentariesF1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 4: Isaiah to MalachiHenryCommentariesF1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 5: Matthew to JohnHenryCommentariesF1
A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 6: Acts to RevelationHenryCommentariesF1
Abingdon Bible CommentaryAbingdonCommentaries1929F3
Acts of the ApostlesBarclayCommentaries1975E1
Acts of the ApostlesBarclayCommentaries1975F5
Acts of the ApostlesMarshallCommentaries1983F5
Barnes on the New Testament: ActsBarnesCommentaries1962E2
Barnes on the New Testament: I CorinthiansBarnesCommentaries1960E2
Barnes on the New Testament: Luke - John BarnesCommentaries1953E2
Barnes on the New Testament: Matt. - MarkBarnesCommentaries1954E2
Barnes on the New Testament: RomansBarnesCommentaries1953E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Daniel, Vol. I BarnesCommentaries1961E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Daniel, Vol. II BarnesCommentaries1950E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Isaiah, Vol. IBarnesCommentaries1962E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Isaiah, Vol. II BarnesCommentaries1963E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Job I BarnesCommentaries1955E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Job II BarnesCommentaries1950E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Minor Prophets I BarnesCommentaries1962E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Minor Prophets IIBarnesCommentaries1953E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Psalms IBarnesCommentaries1962E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Psalms IIBarnesCommentaries1950E2
Barnes on the Old Testament: Psalms IIIBarnesCommentaries1961E2
Bible Commentary on the Old Testament: Exodus - Ruth BakerCommentaries1962E2
Bible Commentary on the Old Testament: I Samuel - EstherBakerCommentaries1961E2
Bible Commentary on the Old Testament: Proverbs - EzekielCookCommentaries1962E2
Book of ColossiansElkinsCommentaries1986G1
Book of I CorinthiansMcGuigganCommentaries1973F6
Book of PhilippiansJacksonCommentariesG1
Book of Revelation Revealed in the Great DramaWillisCommentaries1960G1
Book of RomansMcGuigganCommentaries1974F5
Bound for Joy: Philippians, Paul's Letter From PrisonBriscoeCommentaries1975G1
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. I: GenesisCalvinCommentaries1995E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. II: Harmony of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, DeuteronomyCalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. III: Harmony of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, DeuteronomyCalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. IV: Joshua, Psalms 1-35CalvinCommentaries1995E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. IX: Jeremiah 1-19CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. V: Psalms 36-92CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. VI: Psalms 93-150CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. VII: Isaiah 1-32CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. VIII: Isaiah 31-65CalvinCommentaries1995E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. X: Jeremiah 20-47CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XI: Jeremiah 48-52, Lamentations, Ezekiel 1-12CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XII: Ezekiel 13-48 & Daniel 1-6CalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XIII: Daniel 7-12 & HoseaCalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XIV: Joel - NahumCalvinCommentaries1995E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XIX: Acts 14-28 & RomansCalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XV: Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, MalachiCalvinCommentaries1981E3
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XVI: Harmony of Matthew, Mark, Luke (Pt. 1)CalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XVII: Harmony of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John 1-11 (Pt. 2)CalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XVIII: John 12-21 & Acts 1-13CalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XX: 1 & 2 CorinthiansCalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XXI: Galatians - PhilemonCalvinCommentaries1981E4
Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. XXII: Hebrews, I-II Peter, I John, James, JudeCalvinCommentaries1981E4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. I: Genesis - DeuteronomyClarkeCommentariesE4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. II: Joshua - EstherClarkeCommentariesE4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. III: Book of Job - Song of SolomonClarkeCommentariesE4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. IV: Isaiah - MalachiClarkeCommentariesE4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. V: Matthew - ActsCommentariesE4
Clarke's Commentary, Vol. VI: Romans - RevelationClarkeCommentariesE4
Commentary on 1 and 2 CorinthiansCoffmanCommentariesE5
Commentary on the Old Testament, Vol. 2: Joshua - II SamuelKeilCommentaries1971F1
Commentary on the Old Testament, Vol. 8: Jeremiah - LamentationsKeilCommentaries1971F2
Commentary on the Old Testament, Vol. 6: Proverbs - Song of SolomonKeilCommentaries1971F2
Commentary on ActsMcGarveyCommentaries1950F5
Commentary on Galatians, Philippians, Ephesians, ColossiansCoffmanCommentaries1974E5
Commentary on Hebrews MilliganCommentaries1875G1
Commentary on Hebrews MilliganCommentaries1875G1
Commentary on James, I & 2 Peter, 1,2,&3 John, and JudeCoffmanCommentaries1974E5
Commentary on JohnCoffmanCommentaries1974E5
Commentary on JohnJohnsonCommentaries1896F5
Commentary on LukeSummersCommentaries1973F4
Commentary on LukeCoffmanCommentariesE5
Commentary on LukeLamarCommentaries1872F4
Commentary on MarkCoffmanCommentaries1974E5
Commentary on Matthew - MarkMcGarveyCommentaries1875F4
Commentary on the Epistle to the RomansHodgeCommentaries1977F5
Commentary on the Gospel of MatthewCoffmanCommentaries1968E5
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Now That I've Been RestoredSweetDaily Life1969G3
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Now That You Have Obeyed the GospelHaunDaily Life1993G3
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Problem of PainLewisDaily Life1969G4
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You Can Do ItConchinDaily Life1978workbook, Christian responsibilitiesG4
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A Handbook on Bible Translation---Ninth Annual Shenandoah LecturesHightowerDebates/Lectures1995G5
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Christian FellowshipHatcherDebates/Lectures1998G5
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Debate Notes on Water BaptismHawkDebates/Lectures1973G5
Debate On the Roman Catholic Religion: The Campbell-Purcell DebateDebates/Lectures1837G5
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Difficult Texts of the New Testament ExplainedWinklerDebates/Lectures1981G5
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Fundamentals of the FaithBorenDebates/Lectures1996G6
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Highers - Bingham DebateDebates/Lectures1967"Benevolence: Especially To The Saints But Not Only To The Saints"G6
Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?MofittDebates/Lectures1979G6
Jackson - Bayer Debate: PentecostalismDebates/Lectures1980G6
Jackson - Edwards Debate on The Meaning of AdulteryTarbetDebates/LecturesG6
Jehovah's Witnesses: 2002 Spring Bible Institute LectureshipBrownDebates/Lectures2002G6
Lectures on CooperationHarperDebates/LecturesG6
Living Messages of the Books of the New TestamentElkinsDebates/Lectures1976G6
Lubbock Christian College Lectures 1962FunkDebates/Lectures1962the growth of the KingdomG6
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McGuiggan - King DebateDebates/Lectures1975G6
Neal-Wallace Discussion on the Thousand Years Reign of ChristNealDebates/Lectures1933G6
New Converts: The 21st Annual Southwest LecturesDuggerDebates/Lectures2002G6
New Testament Difficulties and Alleged ContradictionsMoffittDebates/Lectures1994Second Annual Gulf Coast LecturesG6
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Old Testament Books and Their Messages in the Christian AgeHumphreyDebates/Lectures1961G6
Old Testament Difficulties and Alleged ContradictionsMoffittDebates/Lectures1995Second Annual Gulf Coast LecturesG7
Perry B. Cotham and John Hartley DebateDebates/LecturesAre there miracles today?G7
Porter - Waters DebateDebates/Lectures1952G7
Premillenialism: True or False?WinklerDebates/Lectures1978G7
Present TruthWallaceDebates/Lectures1977sermons of Foy E. Wallace, 1930-1977G7
Questions & Answers, Open ForumWoodsDebates/LecturesG7
Questions and Answers: Open Forum, Vol. IIWoodsDebates/Lectures1976Freed-Hardeman lecturesG7
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Roman Catholicism: 2000 Houston College of the Bible LectureshipBrownDebates/Lectures2000G7
Satan: Diabolical Ruler of the World and Enemy of God and ManCatesDebates/Lectures2002G7
Shelly - Dunning DebateShellyDebates/Lectures1977mechanical instrumentsG7
Shelly - Moore DebateDebates/Lectures1975baptismG7
Spirituality: Abilene Christian University Bible LecturesACUDebates/Lectures1978G7
The Book of ProverbsJacksonDebates/Lectures1988the Seventh Annual Southwest LecturesG7
The Challenge of ChristianitySimpsonDebates/Lectures1992Fort Worth lectures, 1992G7
The Church and the Restoration MovementJacksonDebates/Lectures1986G7
The Church of ChristBorenDebates/Lectures1994Fort Worth Lectures, 1994G7
The Church of Christ, Vol. 2BorenDebates/Lectures1995Fort Worth Lectures, 1995G7
The Great SalvationBorenDebates/Lectures1997Fort Worth lectures, 1997G7
The One-Cup PersuasionHoglandDebates/LecturesH1
The Restoration: The Winds of ChangeLawsDebates/Lectures1993H1
The Scheme of RedemptionLawsDebates/Lectures1990H1
The Two Covenants: The 1996 Power LecturesClarkeDebates/Lectures1996H1
There Was a Man Named JobLawsDebates/Lectures1991H1
Wallace - Vaughn DebateDebates/Lectures1951about the Godhead and baptismH1
Warren-Ballard Debate on the Plan of SalvationDebates/Lectures1952H1
Warren - Barnhart Debate: On Christian Ethics Versus Utilitarian EthicsDebates/Lectures1981H1
Warren - Flew DebateDebates/Lectures1977on the existence of God
Warren - Matson Debate: On the Existence of GodDebates/Lectures1978H1
What Do You Know About God? WilliamsDebates/Lectures1986Fourth Annual Missouri-Kansas LecturesH1
What Do You Know About the Holy Spirit?WinklerDebates/Lectures198046 lectures H1
Whatever Happened to Heaven and Hell?HightowerDebates/Lectures1993Eighth Annual Shenandoah LecturesH1
Whiteside - Clark DiscussionWhitesideDebates/Lectures1969the Sunday school debateH1
Whitten - Lanier Debate: Classes and Women TeachersDebates/Lectures1980H1
Why I Left: Fort Worth LectureshipCampbellDebates/Lectures19489 men give their reasons for leaving various denominationsH1
Willis - Inman DebateWillisDebates/Lectures1968congregational cooperation and benevolent organizations H1
Woods - Nunnery Debate on Baptism and ApostasyDebates/Lectures1946H2
A Different Gospel: A Historical and Biblical Analysis of the Modern Faith MovementMcConnellDenominations1988analyzes the "Word of Faith" theological movementH2
A Study of Denominational Doctrines and Their Refutation by the ScripturesRutherfordDenominationsH2
An Eschatology of VictoryKikDenominations1971"an exposition of Matthew 24 and Revelation 20 with a discussion of the history of the Reformed position on eschatology" (death, judgment, etc.)H2
Answers to ObjectionsNicholDenominations1952"The Major Objections Raised Against the Teachings of Seventh-Day Adventists"H2
Answers to Questions on MasonryGipsonDenominations1960sFreemasons and the Masonic LodgeH2
Bible vs. CommunismBrownlowDenominations1961H2
Chaos of CultsVan BaalenDenominations1956H2
Did You Miss the Rapture?LyonDenominations1998H2
Elect in the SonShankDenominations1989 "demonstrates that Calvin's doctrine of the unconditional election and the reprobation of particular people is without foundation in the Scriptures" H2
Gospel Radio Sermons (Vol. 2): The OccultsHowardDenominations1976H2
Great Religions By Which Men LiveRossDenominations1956H2
Handbook of Denominations in the United StatesMeanDenominations1970H2
Jehovah's Witnesses' Error ExposedSchnellDenominations1985H2
Jehovah's Witnesses Answered Verse-by-VerseReedDenominations1986H2
Life in the Son: A Study of the Doctrine of Perseverance (2 copies)ShankDenominations1989knowing you are saved vs. "once saved, always saved" H2
Major Religious BeliefsStewartDenominations1974H2
Modern Churches and the ChurchWilhiteDenominations1956H2
Neo-Calvinism in the Church of ChristRobertsDenominations1980H2
Prophecy and PremillennialismBalesDenominations1972H2
Questions Asked by United MethodistsStokesDenominations1980H2
Religions in a Changing WorldVosDenominations1964H2
Seventh Day Adventism RenouncedCanrightDenominations1978H2
Seventh-Day Adventists???BalesDenominations1982H2
The Other Side of RomeWilderDenominations1960H2
We Left Jehovah's WitnessesGrussDenominations1975H2
Why a Christian Cannot Be a MasonGipsonDenominations1960sB2
Absolutely!FocusDVD2009Biblical truth is under attackB2
America's Most Pressing ConcernApol. PressDVD2012problems with American governmental systemsB2
Angels (Pts. 1 & 2)WVBSDVD2013B2
Angels (Pts. 3 & 4)WVBSDVD2013B2
Behold! The Lamb of GodA. PressDVD2008"the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus Christ"B2
Behold! The Lamb of GodA. PressDVD2008"the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus Christ"B2
Biblical Counseling LibraryHope For the HeartDVD2012B2
Case For a CreatorStrobelDVD2006B2
Christian GrowthBlackwellDVD2018B2
Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for ChristianityFocus PressDVD2009B2
Creation in Symphony: The EvidenceBaughDVD1996B2
Cross or the CrescentBuchananDVD2012"a look at Islam in light of the cross"B2
Debate: God Does Not ExistDVDB2
Defending New Testament ChristianityApol. PressDVDB2
Digger Doug's UndergroundA. PressDVD2011age of Earth, design of human bodyB2
Discover the TruthFocus PressDVD2006Darwin, atheism, Genesis, dinosaursB2
Discover the TruthFocus PressDVD2006Darwin, atheism, Genesis, dinosaursB2
Discover the TruthFocus PressDVD2006Darwin, atheism, Genesis, dinosaursB2
Does the God of the Bible Exist? (Debate)Apol. PressDVD2009B2
Evangelism LessonsBaileyDVDB2
Evolution is Religion---NOT ScienceA. PressDVDB2
Existence of God (Pts. 1 & 2)WVBSDVD1976B2
Existence of God (Pts. 3 & 4)WVBSDVD1976B2
Faith for LifeA. PressDVD2007B2
Fortify Your Faith in Just 3 HoursFocus PressDVD2007B2
Grand Canyon: Monument to the FloodICRDVDB3
In the Shadows of Mount St. HelensFocus PressDVD2010B3
In the Footsteps of DarwinA. PressDVD2009B3
Intimate RelationsWVBSDVD2007B3
Is the Bible From God?A. PressDVD2008B3
Mt. St. HelensICRDVDB3
Out With DoubtApol. PressDVD2007B3
Passion Talk SeriesGiglioDVD2009"set of all 4 Passion Talk Series DVDs. Set includes: Indescribable; How Great Is Our God; Hope: When Life Hurts Most; and Fruitcake and Ice Cream"B3
Personal EvangelismWhitacreDVD2017B3
Personal EvangelismWhitacreDVD2017B3
Saved Without A DoubtBlackwellDVD2014B3
Silencing of GodApol. PressDVD2007B3
Silencing of GodApol. PressDVD2007B3
Truth Be Told: A Seminar Exposing the Myth of EvolutionApol. PressDVD2008Creation vs. evolutionB3
Truth Be Told: A Seminar Exposing the Myth of EvolutionApol. PressDVD2008Creation vs. evolutionB3
Video Bible StudyHaffnerDVD2020video version of Back to the Bible studyB3
Water Baptism (debate)DVD2016B3
Where Do We Go When We Die?BlackwellDVD2013B3
Why?A. PressDVD2008"How Can A Loving God Allow Evil, Pain & Suffering?"H3
Bible Scripture for Cottage TeachingLedbetterEvangelism1958H3
Evangelism For the Rest of UsBechtleEvangelism2006"sharing Christ within your personality style"H3
Evangelism SimplifiedWhitacreEvangelism2021H3
From House to House: A Manual on Personal WorkStewartEvangelism1972H3
Go Ye Means Go MeStewartEvangelism1988H3
Guilt Free DiscipleshipHamrickEvangelism2016"How to lead others to Christ without leaving your comfort zone" H3
Guilt Free DiscipleshipHamrickEvangelism2016"How to lead others to Christ without leaving your comfort zone" H3
The Indigenous ChurchHodgesEvangelism1976H3
Ministry PlanMooreEvangelism2016H3
Personal Evangelism Improvement CoursesStewartEvangelism1977H3
Personal Evangelism WorkbookWhitacreEvangelism2018H4
1900 Years Ago, the Church of Christ Was Established…DykesHistory1945Full title: 1900 Years Ago the Church of Christ Was Established and Today Has the Same Organization, Worship & DoctrineH4
A History of the ChurchFranzenHistory1969H4
A Preacher of RighteousnessUnderwoodHistory1952autobiography of C. R. NicholH4
Ancestry of Our English BiblePriceHistory1956H4
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